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All Saints’ Primary School, 42 Tattysallagh Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone. BT78 5BR

Welcome back

20th Aug 2020

Hello everyone and a warm welcome back to a new school year.  We have made some changes in school to make sure that your learning environment is safe and that you will have a good learning experience in 2020/21. We are introducing a new one way pedestrian system for parents to meet their child at the end of the school day.  Parents should enter by the main gate (on foot) and move in a clockwise direction to the various doors where pupils will be exiting. Pupils in the hall should be the first pick-up point.  It is important that parents/carers are punctual and keep moving when they collect pupils.  Pupils can enter their own classroom independently in the mornings. There will be supervision from 8.20am. When PE timetables are established, pupils can wear their sports gear to school on PE days. P3 - P7 should bring their own pencil-case.  Lunch, snacks, a spill-proof water bottle and any other items your child may need should be carried and kept in the schoolbag. Some children may wish to wear a mask and/or bring anti-bacterial wipes for hand cleaning. We will also have these in school.  Lunches will be served in the classrooms.  High standards of hygiene will be observed throughout. 

We are aiming to make the Restart as 'normal' as possible.  Staff are looking forward to seeing pupils and no doubt pupils are also ready for returning to routines and friends. We hope all the preparations for return are going well with you.  God bless.  B. Daly